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The Fever 333 – “Made An America” [EP] [Album Review]

Certainly a band with a lot of eyes on them, their first EP is riding on the waves of attention the super trio are accumulating. Check out our review to see our take on their debut release.



For a band that is accruing as much attention as The Fever 333 has been in recent months, the release of their first EP is something akin to having a much-anticipated car unveiled at an auto show. Part of the reason for the hype is because the three members come from much-loved groups letlive., The Chariot, and Night Verses. The sort of pressure that follows this attention before a band have even issued a proper release is already enough to give one pause, but added to this, the trio are also attempting to combine a fusion of more genres than can practicably be listed here: they mainly utilize post-hardcore, trap, nu-metal, hardcore, and underground hip-hop styles, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. But added to this, the guys are also attempting to incite a populist resistance movement, akin to recent bands like Prophets of Rage, which will be starting its next major stint at the end of this month.

So what is the result? The success of these influences usually depends on how well they are blended, and ultimately if they are catchy, entertaining, and/or influential. For the most part, the consensus about this very limited sampling of the group is strangely academic: the collision of sampling, produced beats, underground hip-hop collide with post-hardcore and heavy rock feels like an idea rather than a feeling. Sometimes the result is catchy, but more notably surprising and usually bizarre.

Certainly the one thing that can’t be said about this band is that they are not trying to innovate on well-established sounds. But the result they have come up with is like blending Run The Jewels, The Transplants, Linkin Park, and Rage Against The Machine. That combination will either wet your palette or set you running in the opposite direction, but the reality is a little more nuanced than that. Featuring a guest appearance from Yelawolf, and with the band recently collaborating with Travis Barker, it really is a smash up of these various styles and methods, and while the EP has not generated any tracks that can stand alone, there are a plethora of “parts” that will stay with the listener long after the EP finishes.

The big takeaway for this band is they are a trio of respected musicians who are attempting a tremendously ambitious project that in and of itself may not currently have any proper “hits”, but to expect that at this point would be missing the point. The trio are trying to present a sort of bizarro “Shape of Punk Trap Rock” to come, one that is free to experiment and nod at the gamut of influences that clearly fuel their own ambitions of resistance and divisiveness. Whether this is successful is up to whether you like to eat on a prison plate, or if you like the flavours involved.

Made An America Track Listing:

01. Made An America
02. We’re Coming In
03. (The First Stone) Changes [feat. Yelawolf]
04. Hunting Season
05. Soul’d Me Out
06. Walking In My Shoes
07. POV

Run Time: 18:26
Release Date: March 23, 2018

Watch the music video of the band performing “Hunting Season” live with Travis Barker.

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