Having recently released their new digital single “Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock N’ Roll”, we sat down with Scottish rockers The Amorettes to get their TOP 10 list of Ultimate Rock Stars.

10. Iggy Pop
– The wriggly, havoc reeking tornado that is the Godfather of Punk. Seeing him play as a kid I was stunned at his energy. And still am! He really takes crowd participation to a whole new level. The only 70-year-old I know who can get away with screaming at a crowd topless.

09. Ronnie James Dio
– The inventor of the devil horns? of course he’s on the list! My first venture into heavy rock was through hearing Dio for the first time. He has such an enigmatic presence onstage and is able to draw a crowd in like nobody’s business. Close your eyes and listen to his elegant powerful stories, he’s the Jackanory of Rock! Pocket-sized powerhouse.

08. Joan Jett
– Her attitude and everything she achieved is such a huge inspiration. The message that comes across in her music of don’t give up and always be yourself is something to live by, that, along with her iconic style, she is just a bonafide badass.

07. Philthy Animal Taylor
– Known in the metal world as the creator of ‘thrash’ double-kick drumming. A true hell raiser, completely bananas and a drummer with one hell of a character.

06. Dave Grohl
– Whatever he does, he’s just great at it. Whether he’s singing, songwriting, drumming, acting in Foo Fighters videos. He’s just mega-talented and so likeable.

05. Freddie Mercury
Freddie was just the embodiment of rockstar. His stage craft and the way he captured an audience even from the very beginning everyone knew he was something special to behold. He brought something else to the world of rock n’ roll, theatre and drama and charisma. And what a set of pipes!

04. Elvis Presley
– You can’t have a list of rockstars without the very first to exist. It’s not until you really watch his live performance and really study just exactly what he was all about you realise just why he drove everyone wild. He was the one and only and really knew how to sell his songs and his personality.

03. Prince
– Like David Bowie there is nothing you can say about Prince other than WOW!. The one performance that showed me just how unbelievably cool this man was was when I saw him jam out with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. He just strutted on wearing an awesome suit, outguitared everyone on stage, threw his guitar to the ceiling and walked off. Now that is a rockstar.

02. Dave Lee Roth
– There is only one Dave Lee Roth! If you’re ever having a bad day, watch a Dave Lee Roth interview. A total oddball and absolutely hilarious, a true entertainer. Not to mention the stage wear… The guy just doesn’t give a sh*it!

01. Lemmy
– He don’t need no introduction. Chuck Berry can suck it, He’s MY Godfather of Rock. The ballziest, raspiest, bassiest, mothertrucker there ever was and will ever be. Legend.

Check out The Amorettes’ song “Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock N’ Roll” here.


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