With its May 18th get-this-out-to-as-many-people-as-possible date looming, San Francisco, California’s Leon and the Fantastic is quickly building hype for the upcoming six-song EP, Let Me Cool. Lead single “Grieving Friend of a Superman” was released on February 23rd (and was accompanied by a music video which is viewable below) and is now being followed with single number #2, “Roll In The River”, a quirky but fun tune that’s as curious as Leon Rosen himself. Dig artists such as The National or Nick Cave? Well, sample some tunes below and pre-order Let Me Cool here.

Speaking on the newly-released track, Rosen had this to say:

“‘Roll in the River’ is a song about when things are stuck and the only way up is to toss the whole reality upside down and come what may. It’s about hanging onto the coat tails of lady luck, rolling down, and tumbling down the river. I watch a lot of TV and sometimes the lyrics from a certain fantasy show have crept in here. The song speaks about justice, injustice, love, sex, passion, savagery, all in the positive—let it all just be a toss up, let the chips fall where they may.

“This song was the most divisive in the studio. Every time I’ve tried to record it and every mixing engineer had a different vision, all of which we all became incredibly attached to. I sincerely hope the public feels as strongly as we do. I think the middle ground we created is quite more compelling than any single direction we would have taken separately.”

Oh, before you go, if you haven’t yet watched the “Grieving Friend of a Superman” video, here’s your chance.


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