North Carolina, sci-fi metal band Xael will be releasing their debut album The Last Arbiter on May 18th through Test Your Metal Records.

The album combines elements of extreme metal with orchestrations and folk music which creates a sound you’ve never ever heard before. Xael’s music focuses on the endeavors of its members in a science fantasy epic. This odd and interesting picture is complete with the wasteland of war torn planets and the pits of fallen gods. Founded by Nassaru of Rapheumets Well/Enthean, the group is heavily influenced by Septic Flesh, Iron Maiden, Augury, Wardruna and Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Nassaru commented, “Xael started out as a personal project that evolved into a unity of like-minded musicians. The music derives inspiration from extreme metal, folk and tribal music, as well as 80’s synth and sci-fi textured scores. We are very excited to for people to see the handwork and detailed time we put into this album given the limited resources we had. Xael The Last Arbiter is not just a musical regurgitation but a unique experience that follows an intrinsic story. Our characters, emotions, and trials of life are woven throughout the album as we aim to bring a very diverse and immersive album to our growing fan base.”