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Kamelot (w/ Delain, Battle Beast) @ The Opera House (Toronto, ON) on April 23, 2018 [Photos & Show Review]

American power metal band, Kamelot hit The Opera House in Toronto on April 23rd and were accompanied by Dutch metal band Delain and Finland’s Battle Beast.



American power metal band, Kamelot was at The Opera House in Toronto on April 23rd in support of their “Shadows Over North America Tour”. Delain, a Dutch metal band (and new favourite of mine) started the night off, followed by Finnish metalheads Battle Beast. Who would’ve thought that a Monday night could draw such a crowd!? We were lined up around the block to get into this show, but it was so very worth it!

Battle Beast brought on the metal mayhem; It was obvious that this band had quite the following from the way the enthusiastic crowd reacted. Next up was Delain and I loved watching this guys in action, almost as much as they loved to be performing. The crowd really seemed to enjoy their set and were totally ready for headliners Kamelot who ended the evening with a killer showing! Frontman Tommy Karavik climbed right over the barricade to interact with the audience leaving the night with more of a mini-festival vibe, rather than just another show.

Kamelot’s Setlist:

01. Phantom Divine
02. Rule The World
03. The Great Pandemonium
04. When The Lights Are Down
05. End Of Innocence
06. Insomnia
07. Veil Of Elysium
08. Here’s To The Fall
09. RavenLight
10.March Of Mephisto
11. Amnesiac
12. Sacrimony
13. Forever
14. Liar Liar
15. Ministrium