Female fronted symphonic rock group Worhol has put out a new lyric video for “Is This What’s Left of Me,” one of the standout tracks from The Awakening. The band is well known for their unique and dark, theatrical, orchestral hard rock, showcasing Ashley Worhol’s dynamic vocal abilities. The group has plans to release their new EP later this year, with work continuing on it as we speak. Worhol commented, “In life, we have a choice. We choose whether or not we allow our past to linger in our present and carry over into our future. ‘Is This What’s Left of Me’ is about individual growth and overcoming fears while transitioning into who we are meant to be.”

The Awakening Track Listing:

01. Voices from Above
02. Bowing Before You
03. Time to Say Goodbye
04. Already Forgotten
05. Rage and Revenge
06. In This Town
07. We, The Abused
08. Jurisdiction
09. Is This What’s Left of Me
10. The Darkness