After a long wait between releases, the horror punk titans, Grave Robber are back with their long-awaited fifth album, Escaping the Grave. As the first two tracks serve as intros and both mood and scene-setters, the record does not really get going until song three, “The Evil Dead”. The moment “The Evil Dead” begins, however, it felt like I was reunited with an old friend; their unique, trademark gang vocals start everything off and from there the release charges out of the gates.

Grave Robber has had its shares of ups and down, but they have managed to stay together and persevere while staying true to their punk roots. This new offering is classic Grave Robber, but with a grittier, more raw feel to their songwriting. Gang vocals, fast guitars, extremely catchy choruses, not to mention lyrics that carry double meanings, propel the listener down a fun-filled path of rollicking hardcore punk led by tour guide and vocalist Shawn Browning. Standout moments abound and must-repeat tracks include “The Conjuring”, which begins with a cool bass intro and is one of the few songs to not start with huge gang vocals, first single “The Night Evelyn Came Out Of the Grave” and “Lips of Blood”.

Escaping The Grave is a return to form for Grave Robber and, while there are no big surprises nor does the band reinvent the wheel, is a solid addition to their catalogue. The music is consistent with their past sound and tries to add touches of new flair, however, clocking in at just over 30 minutes, you just start getting your groove on when the carpet gets swiped from under your feet.

Escaping The Grave Track Listing:

01. Burial Ground
02. Into The Pit
03. The Evil Dead
04. Zombieland
05. The Beast Within
06. Lips Of Blood
07. The Conjuring
08. The Swarm
09. The Night Evelyn Came Out From The Grave
10. Jet Black Tears
11. Escaping The Grave

Run Time: 33:38
Release Date: April 13, 2018

Curious about the band’s sound? Stream the entire Escaping The Grave album below.