Orange County’s southern rockers, Pick Up and Run released their five-song Struck EP on March 1st and continue to promote the terrific new tunes by any and all means possible. Preceded by January’s “Can’t Trust Myself” single, the guys were kind enough to share some background context on all six of the new tunes via an exclusive track-by-track overview. Read on below, but also grab the “Can’t Trust Myself” single here and/or a copy of the new EP at Amazon or iTunes, or stream it through Spotify.

01. “Broken Strings”
– This song is definitely on our more harder rock side of the scale. This song definitely delivers a powerful and emotional slap to your ears. It touches on one’s struggle with addiction and how it affects everything in your life like achieving your goals and maintaining a love life.

02. “Whisper Louder”
– This uplifting song was a lot of fun to write and also one of the first songs that we started writing for the EP. I wrote this song based on a past experience when I met a beautiful girl at a show and we stayed up all night listening to music and sharing stories. Long story short, she vanished and I never seen or talked to her again.

03. “Souls at the Door”
– This song definitely touches on a sentimental nerve. It was one of the first songs that we started writing for our EP. I wrote this song in regards to the never ending struggle of making the right decision when it comes to loving another person. It talks about being so deeply in love that nothing else matters sometimes.

04. “Lay it Down”
– This song came about when our producer (Diego Ruelas) made the suggestion to write an acoustic song for the EP. So, this is what we came up with. It is about my beautiful wife and how I see her everyday and the way she makes me feel.

01. “Walking into War”
– “Walking into War” is a gritty/muddy classic rock-sounding song that packs a punch! With Cole’s (singer) distorted/bullhorn vocal and the dirty-sounding guitar, the name of the song fits with the way the music sounds. I wrote this song for my buddy that was wounded in combat in the Middle East. This song speaks about the traumatic things that our soldiers have to encounter as well as missing home.

Bonus. “Can’t Trust Myself”
– Our single “Can’t Trust Myself”, we brought in various artists to help bring this song together. This song depicts a struggle in ones own mind about doing the right thing when it comes to making a life long commitment into marriage or running for the hills. This was a fun song to record as it is to play.

Check out the band performing their song “Lay it Down” live.


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