We are just one week away from South Florida’s loudest weekend of the year. Fort Rock is quickly approaching, and we thought we’d help you schedule your weekend, or at least give you some ideas. Below are our TOP 10 must-see sets at 2018’s sixth edition of the festival. For more information on Fort Rock’s lineup, tickets, and more, please visit: www.fortrockfestival.com.

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DAY 1 – Saturday, April 28th, 2018

05. ‘68
– Atlanta duo ‘68 pack a punch in their live show despite only being a pair. Josh Scogin (who you may recognize from Norma Jean and The Chariot) leads the band with his powerful vocals. Scogin plays (and usually throws) the guitar, as well. Having toured with bands like Chiodos and Emarosa, ‘68 have gained momentum in the scene and deserve your attention. The two musicians come together and bring an infectious live show to the table. Watch the band open the Black Stage on Saturday afternoon.

04. Halestorm
– Chances are, you’re already very familiar with this female-fronted band. Halestorm have toured with some of rock’s biggest names, including Papa Roach and Stone Sour. Their discography ranges from mellow to full-blown hard rock, which almost guarantees a set packed with a range of emotion. Halestorm are a great group to catch, whether you’ve seen them before or not. Even if you’ve never heard of them, their raw emotion on stage is bound to reel you in. Catch them before Five Finger Death Punch on the Yellow Stage.

03. Five Finger Death Punch
– These Las Vegas natives sure have made a name for themselves in the rock scene. They have six records out to this day, and all of them are at least certified gold. These guys are also no strangers to the festival market, hinting that they have perfected the setlist formula for a festival. With a new record in the making, fans can look forward to potentially hear new material being played at the festival – but if not, they can still hear the band’s greatest tracks when they close out the Yellow Stage.

02. Underoath
– If you haven’t heard yet, Underoath just released their first record in eight years. The group presents an infectious sound that sets them apart from the rest of hard rock. They have since shifted away from their Christian rock-scene sound, saturating Erase Me with powerful riffs and outstanding vocals. Adding to their already incredible sound, the band knows how to showcase their music in a live show. Full of energy, Underoath will get you off your feet and your voice will be lost by the end of their set. Ring in mid-day with them at the Yellow Stage.

01. Godsmack
– Coming to life nearly 21 years ago, Godsmack have built their career around defining a new era of heavy music. The group earned three straight number one albums, topped rock charts, and have played Ozzfest a handful of times. The band also holds a lot of power in their live shows, which also pairs perfectly with the melody they offer. Having scored four Grammy nominations, it’s no secret that Godsmack know how to write records, but put on an excellent live show to add — with a drum solo included. Watch them close out the Black Stage on Saturday night.

DAY 2 – Sunday, April 29th, 2018

05. Red Sun Rising
– Hailing from Ohio, Red Sun Rising have released both independent albums, and through a major label. Following the release of Polyester Zeal, the group hit rock radio in 2015. Needless to say, that’s when the momentum started and their breakout began. Their records have a polished sound, produced with hypnotic melodies and heavy guitar licks. With records like these, their live show is bound to be impeccable. Catch Red Sun Rising on the Black Stage on Sunday.

04. Hollywood Undead
– Another band that are no strangers to “World’s Loudest Month,” Hollywood Undead surely know how to deliver a perfect festival set. With five records out, the group have an unforgettable sound and masks to match. Even if you haven’t kept up with them in a while, you probably had their tracks as your MySpace song when people visited your page. Relive 2005 with Hollywood Undead on the Black Stage.

03. Sevendust
– Atlanta locals Sevendust have been around for nearly 25 years, making rounds with their heavy roots. The group have maintained a great balance of heavy rock mixed with traditional metal, pumping out exhilarating tracks with each record. Housing energy with no limits, the band knows how to dominate the stage when it’s time to rock. Check them out on the Black Stage if you want to get a dose of robust metal.

02. Breaking Benjamin
– Although the band has seen significant lineup changes since their start nearly 20 years ago, Breaking Benjamin have grasped a title in the hard rock scene and aren’t letting go anytime soon. Running with a consistent sound that is taken to the next level with each record, the quintet has been labeled one of the greatest rock bands of our generation by many. See Breaking Benjamin close out the Yellow Stage on Sunday night.

01. Ozzy Osbourne
– Do we even need to explain this one? Ozzy might as well be the king of the festival scene. He hosted his own Ozzfest for years, where he performed both as a solo artist and with Black Sabbath. Now, he is working on his solo career again, trekking on his Farewell World Tour through 2020. This could be one of the last chances to see him playing South Florida, so act now. Ozzy will be closing out Fort Rock 2018 on Sunday.