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Deez Nuts (w/ Capsize, Trash Talk) @ Mama Roux’s (Birmingham, UK) on March 27, 2018 [Photos & Show Review]

Deez Nuts, Capsize and Trash Talk headed up a night of chaotic punk and hardcore at Mama Roux’s in Birmingham. Olivia Johnston survived the carnage to bring back these photos and review..



Mama Roux’s is a world of its own. The approach is a very industrial view of Birmingham but, step inside, and you are transported to Cuba; colourful wooden facades covering the walls, festoon lighting and palms covering most surfaces. However, on this cold March evening I was there to be plunged into the depths of California and Melbourne’s hardcore scene. Of the mammoth 5 band line-up, I arrived for third support Capsize. The problem with having such an enormous line-up is that not many people arrive for such an early start, and as such singer Daniel Wand tried in vain to gather the crowd. New single “Cold Shoulder” was played half-way through but I was left underwhelmed with it all, perhaps this being related to the struggles they had during sound check.

The main support came in the form of hardcore punk outfit Trash Talk. Where Capsize struggled to stir the audience, vocalist Lee Spielman wouldn’t take no for an answer, immediately bringing the crowd forward and initiating a big circle pit. The carnage covered the entire floor area, spectators (including myself) getting squeezed into corners and against walls to avoid colliding with stray limbs or entire bodies. Not one inch of the venue was safe, Spielman spent most of the set in the pit, but he also climbed the stairs to the balcony. He demanded everyone put their phones away and, before the last song, was chanting “bang your head, break your neck!”.

Watch the Deez Nuts video for their song “Binge / Purgatory” right here.

The only way to top the drama was for the bassist and guitarist to climb the speaker stacks. However, once the final track wrapped up and in-house music began, bass player Spencer Pollard refused to climb down. A few minutes passed, security had gathered around the speakers, the lights had come up and the music had stopped. Finally, after an unnecessarily heated argument, Pollard returned backstage. This seemed like an overtly “punk rock” attitude, for attitude’s sake.

After what felt like a long evening, it was finally time for Deez Nuts to take over. JJ Peters had enough swagger to fill the venue, patrolling the stage and yet still seeming tame in comparison to Trash Talk but it was a welcome change in tempo. For third song, “Discord”, Peters invited a fan onto stage to guest star on vocals, and was clearly impressed, glancing between his bandmates in surprise. With each track lasting only a couple of minutes, the set list was packed with 19 songs. Just two tracks in and drummer Alex Salinger removed his black hoody to reveal a patchwork of tattoos, which came alive in the dim lighting.

In front of the circle pit, fans followed Peters’ microphone like moths to a flame, sometimes being given the chance to join in on songs like “Hedonistic Wasteland” and “Commas & Zeros”, whilst behind them the circle pit raged. After an initial flurry of new material, most of the gig featured tracks from Word Is Bond and Bout It, despite not having toured in Europe since their latest album Binge & Purgatory was released.


OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival Returns with Powerhouse 2024 Lineup

OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival dropped an unbelievably impressive lineup for their 2024 edition this week.




The OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival dropped an unbelievably impressive lineup for their 2024 edition this week. The 17th edition of the festival will take place from August 2nd to 4th, at Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Saint-Hélène, close to downtown Montréal. Headliners include SZA, Green Day, and Noah Kahan setting the tone for a diverse exhibition that is sure to appeal to the masses.

Representation is present for all genres at this year’s fest. Rock is covered by old-school legends Rancid, LA rockers The Linda Lindas, ’90s indie favourites Sleater-Kinney, and grunge icons The Smashing Pumpkins. R&B will be backed by hip-hop pioneer T-Pain, as well as Tyla, Ayra Starr, and Michaël Brun. Pop is represented by Mean Girls powerhouse Reneé Rapp, Euphoria star Dominic Fike, and alt-pop phenom Melanie Martinez. Indie will be covered by Irish musician Hozier and this generation’s Elvis, Stephen Sanchez. EDM will be showcased with sets by world-class producers like Martin Garrix and Labrinth.

If you’re someone who enjoys all types of music, this year’s OSHEAGA is a can’t-miss event. The lineup easily competes for the best of 2024. Tickets are on sale 2/21 for 3-day passes and 2/23 for single-day passes. Prices are as follows:


PLATINUM TICKET / 3 DAYS: starting at $1,620 CAD

Get your tickets while they last!

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J.MYSTERY Releases His Pure and Earnest Single “Everlasting Love”

J.MYSTERY drops his latest single, “Everlasting Love,” which takes all the emotion and heart of his sound and pours it into something pure.




The name of Portuguese singer-songwriter J.MYSTERY has grown synonymous with high-quality and emotionally resonant sounds that strike something deep within listeners, amplified by the artist’s magnetic performances and enigmatic, distinctive presence. J.MYSTERY’s latest single, “Everlasting Love,” takes all of the emotion and heart of his sound and pours it into something that feels pure and earnest, evoking the spirit and euphoria of a new relationship and the wonder and optimism that comes with it.

These thoughts and feelings are captured as much through the artist’s delivery and soundscape as it does in his lyrics, creating an atmosphere and feel that is full of hope and dreams and visions of a brighter future.

J.MYSTERY says of the track:

“I wrote ‘Everlasting Love’ thinking of the early stages of a relationship when you want to know more about the person next to you, and you start planning for the future because you know there’s something unique, something worth fighting for. Everlasting love.”

There is an engrossing charm and vulnerability to this sound that reinforces this statement and makes for a raw and easily identifiable ode to the most sincere form of love.

While the exciting artist has made a name for himself over the last few years as a unique and boundary-pushing talent, doing things his way and carving out a unique path and vision, it is the more human and emotional side that has cemented his growing following. This new release sees him continue to open up and bare his soul while maintaining a level of intrigue and mystique through his otherworldly atmospheric style. “Everlasting Love” is out January 26th.

J.MYSTERY “Everlasting Love” single artwork

J.MYSTERY “Everlasting Love” single artwork

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Album Review

Gianfranco Pescetti – ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’ [Album Review]

Gianfranco Pescetti delivers a series of ambient/dance bangers, coalescing a nexus of complexity and intoxicating extracts on ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL.’



Gianfranco Pescetti ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’ album artwork
Gianfranco Pescetti ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’ album artwork

Composer and producer Gianfranco Pescetti recently unveiled his latest album, DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL, his first new album in almost a decade.

Speaking about the album, Pescetti says, “DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL is my attempt to explore the depth of emotions and create a profoundly personal and evocative sound without conforming to the rigid specifications of a particular genre, all while keeping an eye to the dance floor.”

Originally from the Tuscan Island of Capraia, he previously lived in France for a few years before moving to the United States to continue his music career. He currently lives on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.

Influenced by an eclectic range of music, including modern chillwave, Depeche Mode, and The Cure, Pescetti’s sound incorporates instrumental atmospheric electronica with dance vibes and elements of modern indie rock.

Comprising ten tracks, DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL starts with “Clownspunk.” Flickering tones shape a rising intro that evolves into a shimmering, ambient-flavored dance melody. As the melody progresses, a psychedelic-lite dance vivacity slowly takes over, pushing the ambient surfaces into the background.

High points include the changing emotional sensations of “Obsidian,” which utilizes amiable layers of shifting colors riding a galloping rhythm to fashion a warm, sparkling melody punctuated by glistening, chiming textures.

Gianfranco Pescetti, photo courtesy of Gianfranco Pescetti

Gianfranco Pescetti, photo courtesy of Gianfranco Pescetti

Sundog” places darker rhythmic pulses against the illumination of drifting, humming, twinkling blushes, thus giving the melody a lingering, hypnotic intensity, at once exotic and full of lavish refinement. “Be My Ghost” swings away from the ambient and pushes into the more muscular momentum of EDM, employing a driving kick drum and elusive tints of disco.

Capraia,” a blend of industrial and heavy, atmospheric dance components, molds a mechanistic mood, simultaneously shadowy and foreboding. “The Wake,” eerily haunting on one level, pours like a waterfall on another level, giving the tune dual interpretations: either a progressive lament or a celebration of natural beauty.

The album concludes with “Stopless,” traveling on a propelling rhythm topped by intertwining layers of scintillating, aerated percolations, heady with impetuousness. For some reason, the melody conjures up the impression of EDM gingered with hints of Ennio Morricone-like Spaghetti Western.

Gianfranco Pescetti delivers a series of ambient/dance bangers, coalescing a nexus of complexity and intoxicating extracts.


1. Clownspunk
2. Macchia, I’ll See You…
3. Obsidian
4. Sundog
5. Nostalgia Aime Le Rouge
6. Be My Ghost
7. Capraia
8. The Wake
9. Fogbound
10. Stopless

Run Time: 35:47
Release Date: January 25, 2024
Record Label: Independent

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