From their debut album No Atonement, Berlin-based UK electronic-rock duo Bullet Height have released the official video for “Break Our Hearts Down.” Regarding the video, the band said, “This footage is from our record release show in Berlin and it’s special to us because it documents the birth of the band in its live form. Oh how we have grown. ‘Break Our Hearts Down’ is a break from the heavier tracks on No Atonement and more of a nod in the direction of synth-wave 80s mega influences Numan, Depeche Mode etc…”

No Atonement Track Listing:

01. No Atonement
02. Fight Song
03. Bastion
04. Hold Together
05. Wild Worlds
06. Intravenous
07. Cadence
08. No Atonement
09. Break Our Hearts Down
10. Fever
11. Up To The Neck