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BLEEDING THROUGH is Back! Confirm New Album and Drop “Set Me Free” Video

Orange County, CA-based heavies, Bleeding Through are officially back in action!



Orange County, CA-based heavies, Bleeding Through are officially back in action! The metal/hardcore band have cemented their return by not only confirming a new album, but also with the release of a music video for the new single “Set Me Free”. The upcoming full-length studio recording will be titled Love Will Kill All and is due out on May 25th via SharpTone Records.

Commenting on the group’s return, lead vocalist Brandan Schieppati noted:

“After five years of taking time off, I realized the heartbeat of Bleeding Through was still beating. One of the best things we could have done for BT was to step away and concentrate on other aspects of our lives, letting the dust settle on Bleeding Through as people knew us. The motivation to write LOVE WILL KILL ALL was purely from our passion for our music, expressing the creative blood that runs through our veins – which hasn’t changed since 1999. BT has always felt that music is our ultimate expression; whether people want it or not, we felt the need to express ourselves again and the beauty is that no one can stop it from happening.

BT’s creativity and passion is truly put on display with our new record. ‘Set Me Free’ is a song that speaks of new beginnings. For so many years, I felt that Bleeding Through was a band that was held back because of other people’s ill interest in the band, whether it was relating to business or personal interests. I felt trapped by the business of the industry and outside perception. Bleeding Through is all about the music and the people who enjoy it… That was lost for a while, BUT, now it’s found. ‘Set Me Free’ is about the rebirth of purity of Bleeding Through. The video is dark, frantic, and strong; it personifies BT and what we will always be. TIME TO RISE!”

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