Legendary, melodic Greek black metallers Varathron have revealed the fourth and last single “Luciferian Mystical Awakening” from the album Patriarchs of Evil. The band is led by singer and only original member Stefan Necroabyssious who co-founded the band in 1988. The band is considered one of the forefathers of black metal and continuously reinvent themselves and their sound.

Commented the band, “The time has come to deliver our new opus Patriarchs of Evil. A sinful sip of this unholy communion will lure you into an astral journey of absurd dimensions – with an awakening smell of the old era. This album is one of the finest pieces Varathron has ever unleashed. We promise a true heavy, blasphemous and unique masterpiece with Necroabyssious delivering his best performance ever. With glorious riffs, profound melodies and a solid rhythm section, this dark testament is to delve into. The time of the rejuvenation has come!! WE ARE FOREVER IMMORTAL!”