The time is here to pack your bags and schedule your vaccination shots as the Archer crew is geared up to take us on yet another adventure, this time to the mysteriously-titled Danger Island. Season 9 of the long-running animated series will premiere April 25th on the FXX network and will once again take place within the mind of our coma-stricken lead protagonist, Sterling Archer.

Much like Season 8, this new offering is changing up the roles and relationships of the regular cast. Set in 1939, Archer is now an alcoholic seaplane pilot, à la Rip Riley from the episode “Heart of Archness,” Pam is his trusty co-pilot, Cyril is a Nazi intelligence officer, Lana is a princess and, most intriguingly, Krieger has taken the form of Crackers, a wise-ass talking parrot.

With the promise of volcanoes, cannibals, quicksand and super-intelligent monkeys, Archer: Danger Island is squaring up to be the perfect caper-driven antidote to Season 8’s dark noir world of Dreamland. But, will the world’s greatest secret agent be able to break free from his coma in time for the franchise finale tenth season? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

Dudes, check out the official Season 9 trailer here.

And, if that wasn’t enough, ‘cause, let’s be honest, it wasn’t. Here’s a massive playlist of teasers.