“Wykan (The Shamanic Trance)” is the latest track to be released from Montreal band Wykan. The song features guest vocals from Eohum’s Barrie Butler. Commenting on the track, band founder Jeremy Perkins said, “Wykan (The Shaman Trance)’ is the short-story / poetic take on the ceremony of drinking the brew of clarity (Amanita prepared brew) among the shaman’s hut and the trip commencement under influence of the Amanita Muscaria.”

Wykan delivers a heavy mix of black metal with old stoner and psychedelic rock and blues, certainly an interesting combination. The EP features three punishing tracks full of atmosphere and mystery where you can hear all of these influences at work. The theme of the EP follows inspiration of ethnobotany and magic, as well as a tribal take on ritual and ceremony. Overall, the concept is a reminder of the harsh realities of our daily lives in relation to the spiritual world.