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The quirky and talented group known as The Pink Diamond Revue are offering up their track “Acid Doll,” featuring Legpuppy, as our latest free song download. Combining electronic and vintage blues, the band formed in 2014 and is here from outer-space, via Reading… Ok, we’ll go with it!

They’re fronted by Acid Dol (a model from another dimension) and combine beats from today with riffs, samples and vocal harmonies reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. Thus far, they have played over 150 live concerts throughout the UK and have become notorious for their live performances, which have been praised for their combination of music and visual images. This is one of the most unique acts you’ll hear this year; something very much needed in a time of so much stagnant new music.

Regarding the single “Acid Doll,” the band commented: “The song is about our frontperson Acid Dol who is a model from another dimension.” We’ll go with that too! Rounding out The Pink Diamond Revue lineup are guitarist Tim Lane and Rob Courtman-Stock on drums.