At this point in the week, you’re probably done thinking about how ‘your week’ has been, so let Sofia Härdig tell you about hers instead via the new single “My Week.” Sofia is an experimental artist, crafting her music from a mixture of new wave and electronica-influenced synths, along with other live instruments are all topped off by some darn powerful vocals. Championed by other Swedish artists such as Belle and Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson, Härdig has also collaborated with other major Swedish musicians such as The Hellacopters and Bob Hund. She has also done past work with Yoshimi of Japan noise-rockers Boredoms and alternative indie act Free Kitten.

“My Week,” the third single to be released from the upcoming album Changing The Order, takes the post-punk of bands like The Cure and Joy Division and mixes it perfectly with her own creative vision, resulting in a raw, synth-heavy experience. Her commanding vocals are highlighted with despair and desperation for escape, as she sings, “Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, I’m still insane…”

Commenting on “My Week,” Sofia said:

“I wrote this song at a Café in Brussels when I was lost during a tour. The house I was staying at was full of sleeping musicians and I was hungry, so I took a random tram to search the town. The café I found was alright, their sandwiches filled me up. I spent some time writing and recording on my portable recorder while looking at people around me. Back home I recorded the song in my studio – guitar, voice, synths and drum programming. Then I recorded parts from some musicians I met on the road; a Canadian bass player and an Australian pianist. The song should be listened to loud when the walls in your room start closing in on you…”

Current List of Show Dates:

04/18 – Fylkingen, Stockholm
04/20 – Rundgång, Malmö
04/21 – Prinz Willy, Kiel
04/25 – Ä, Berlin
04/26 – elo bar, Bremen
05/02 – Schocoladen, Berlin
09/01 – Landet, Stockholm
TBA – Garageprojektet, Hammenhög
TBA – Vega, Copenhagen
TBA – Berlin Soup Festival