Swedish metal heavies Sabaton united with German thrashers Kreator on this co-headlining tour. Lucky for Toronto, The Phoenix Concert Theatre was another sold-out stop on this tour which takes the the band through North America before heading to Australia, Japan, Mexico, then back to Europe for the summer festival season.

Kreator was up first and just blasted the crowd with a visual assault of blinding strobes; then the music hit you like a shock wave. They managed to “Kreate” havoc at the Phoenix, telling the crowd that Toronto has the best mosh pits in the world. They didn’t have to say that twice; right on queue a giant circle pit appeared and then the crowd surfers started riding the wave.

Sabaton erupted on stage in camo gear following their intro, a really cool version of “In The Army Now”. The microphone stands are actually machine guns with military helmets (how cool is that?) and their performance was top-notch, they really just give 150% at every show. Between a singer that loves jumping around on stage, guitarists that have perfected the “hair windmill” and a drumstick twirling drummer, they simply just put on such a great show every time they’re in town.

Each band performed for a full 90 minutes each. It was just another amazing night of wicked metal in the city!

Sabaton’s Setlist:

Intro. In The Army Now / The March To War
01. Ghost Division
02. Uprising
03. Blood Of Bannockburn
04. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
05. The Lion From The North
06. Swedish Pagans
07. Carolus Rex
08. The Final Solution
09. Resist And Bite
10. Night Witches
11. Into The Fire
12. The Last Stand
13. Sparta
14. Winged Hussars
15. Primo Victoria
16. Shiroyama
17. To Hell And Back