Letterkenny is an unnatural phenomenon that also paradoxically carries on the tradition of bringing Canadian comedy to the mainstream. It’s amazing that the show’s three actors/comedians can make jokes about growing up in a small country town like Listowel, Ontario which have such a broad global appeal. After going viral on YouTube, Letterkenny became the first original show on the popular CraveTV streaming platform. But let me tell ya, bud, there’s nothing quite like seeing this wrecking crew raise a brew to the crowd on St. Patrick’s Day in front of a live audience!

The three main characters, Wayne (Jared Keeso), Daryl (Nathan Dales) and Squirrelly Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), have taken their freewheeling act on the road wherein audiences may eat up the characters’ dim-witted camaraderie in the flesh. Sometimes, the transition from stand-up comedian to actor, or vice versa, can be a tightrope, but Letterkenny LIVE! proves that the transition for this crew is SEAMLESS. The guys crack back some Puppers Premium Lager and shoot the breeze about everything from one-night stands, the pros and cons of anal sex, how to know if you have a drug problem, and what happens when someone tells you to “suck their Johnson.”

Check out some funny Letterkenny bloopers below.

Between the skits on stage, the crew spliced some video clips of classic characters and a few prime spots from the show. This includes opening the show with Daryl on camera doing a commercial for his family’s dairy farm, showing a highlight reel of “Jonesy” and his notorious antics (“Take that ya fuckin’ losers!”) and of course, a motivational video from “Coach”!

Mark Forward, who plays Coach on the show, also came out and did a set of stand-up comedy about the perils of ageing, why dog people are great to their pets but assholes to humans, and why there’s no heaven, amongst other things. K. Trevor Wilson also appeared as himself, instead of as Squirrelly Dan, and waxed personal by dishing out his own history with London, Ontario, partying there in his youth. Wilson dove into some killer anecdotes and even ripped on a few hecklers which showed his chops as a comedian, not just an actor.

If you’re looking for a live act that will have you howling with a couple of solid pals, and a couple (dozen) cold brews, then pitter patter, let’s get at’er there, bud!


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