“Blue Pigz” is the latest track to come from LA pop grungy rock band King Shelter off of their debut record $hame. The song combines the pop sensibilities and grungy tones of both of the band’s previous singles, “Pick Your Poison” and “Teeth & Claws.” The group dubs their music “salad rock,” which combines surf, grunge, alternative and more.

Regarding the track, frontman Taylor Hecock said, “Blue Pigz’ is a song that values perspective. We are not taking any stance on any particular issue. This song simply states issues and identifies pride. And regardless of all this chaos, I want to die next to the ones I love, the ones who are important to me”. He continues “In relation to the album, this song is the most sporadic. I’m disappointed in mankind’s priorities. Why do we focus on these things? There are such great feats to be obtained. ‘Blue Pigz’ is my turn to be someone else for 2 verses, and to let every individual know that I am interested not only in spending life with them, but death as well – if they’re willing to be my friend.”