Bursting onto the scene with three powerful yet diverse singles, 2018 is gearing up to be a huge year for rising Seattle rockers Vespera. The four-piece group are a breath of fresh air in the music scene, bringing to light heavier subjects that need to be discussed — i.e. mental health, depression, self-doubt, and introspection for example.

Vocalist Jonathan Wolfe, who is a former touring member of both Slaves and Falling In Reverse, started the project just a couple short years ago. Lead single “Bloom”, which premiered on Billboard, gave the group a ton of initial momentum and, given the success of two subsequent singles, it’s clear that what Vespera are doing is something special.

Too many bands are just not skilled at this sort of thing, and it’s Vespera’s genre-blurring that really does the trick. Take the aforementioned single “Bloom”, for instance – its melodic, catchy chorus hints at a modern rock sensibility, but then you have dynamics in these songs that show more of a Northlane influence.

Essentially, what Vespera are doing is blurring the lines between modern rock, metalcore, and progressive metal to create something very exciting. While the band’s debut album The Thoughts That Plague You has no current release date, it’s expected to be issued sometime in 2018. I’m not sure most people are quite ready for a release like this – Vespera will undoubtedly be massive, and a group like this has huge crossover appeal as well.

Interested in learning more? Check out our exclusive article with frontman Jonathan Wolfe discussing his TOP 10 favourite Animes. Be sure to, if you haven’t already, view the guys’ striking music video for “Paradise” below. It’s highly unsettling, to say the least, but good art should make you uncomfortable, right?