Madball are pleased to announced that they have finished the recording of their upcoming new album, For The Cause. As we speak, the record is being mixed and mastered by renowned producer Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios in Denmark.

The album was co-produced by Tim Armstrong, the legendary frontman of Rancid and he also appears on one of the album’s tracks. Commented Madball lead singer Freddy Cricien, “Tim and us go way back, he‘s an old friend and super talented guy… across the board! A legend in his own right. He invited us to come record with him and it all fell into place very organically. He‘s respected our band from day one and was excited to be a part of this. We‘re honored to have him on board.”

Bass player Hoya Roc added, “We got a real good album. It feels like the movie ‘Pulp Fiction.’ We’ve got every style of hardcore in there. It feels like we’ve got something special!”

Also guesting on For The Cause will be another legend, rapper and actor Ice-T who will lend vocals to another track. Ice-T commented, “It’s an honor to record with the legendary Madball. Body Count draws its closest similarities to NY hardcore. This is a natural.”

Cricien added, “It’s truly an honor to have Ice-T on our record! I grew up on his music from his early hip hop stuff till now. He’s an iconic figure but also a ‘class act’, you don’t always get both at once. Ice has a great respect for New York hardcore and Madball, means the world. This was meant to happen…. real recognizes real.”