Sometimes it’s the little things that catch your attention. In the case of Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground by Kingdom, it’s not the ripping take-no-prisoners style of black/death metal that sets them apart from the rest of the prolific yet talented Polish scene, though it is undoubtedly well-executed. It’s the mixing; there’s something… unsettling about it. It feels full, and every part slots into place – including the throat-tearing growls and snarls as only death metal knows – but also feels incomplete, akin to looking at a jigsaw where some pieces are missing and yet the whole is still easily perceived. It brings to mind a lyric from fellow Poles Behemoth: “I’m most complete yet so undone”.

Regardless of how the record grabs your attention, Kingdom maintain it through their holdfast dedication to twisted riff writing, and each of the seven original tracks offers a prize to take home here. They keep the whole romp short and sweet – just half an hour of your day. There’s even time within that for a trip to Blashyrkh as they cover the perennial Immortal track as a fitting tribute. Treading these putrescent remains of the dead ground is well worth the journey for the discerning extreme metal fan.

Check out the full Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground album stream below! The album drops on 12th March via Godz ov War Productions.

Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground Track Listing:

01. Walls of Askalon
02. Putrescent Remains
03. Grobowiec Ludzkości
04. Niemy Krzyk Zagłady
05. Black Light to the Rotten
06. Wombs of Disgrace
07. Martwa Ziemia
08. Karma Slayer
09. Blashyrkh (Immortal cover)