Celeb Car Crash has announced the release of a new EP called CCCover that as the title indicates, celebrates the music of others. It will feature five cover songs which have had a significant historical impact. CCCover is due on April 20th through Zeta Factory Records.

Among the tracks contained on the EP include The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter,” a song responsible for giving birth to punk and harder rock music. “Ashes To Ashes” is a track that heavily influenced the new wave generation while “Sledgehammer” is a masterpiece of dance-rock-funk that Peter Grabiel did a perfect job of. Other tracks included on the EP include “My Favourite Game” and “Time To Pretend.”

The artwork for the EP is a unique piece of art, created by Sergio Gerasi, a famous Italian cartoonist. The artwork is a tribute to the influential musicians covered by the band and it’s clearly inspired by “Abbey Road” and the world of video clips of the original songs.

Check out a sample from CCCover with the below stream for “Sledgehammer.”