Spain’s ’77 have released “Where Have They Gone,” the second new track to be taken from their new record Bright Gloom. This is the hard rock album that you would expect from the quartet surrounding brothers Armand (lead singer/rhythm guitar) and LG (lead guitar/backing vocals) Valeta.

Commented the band, “This song is probably the most introspective one lyrically and the most experimental one musically. We think it shows a face of ’77 that was hidden in the past, but that has been always there. It came up pretty spontaneously in the rehearsal room; Andy started to play the intro rhythm with the toms and I just jammed over it and came up with the main riff and the bridge part. When I got home, I finished the music part adding the chorus and solo sections. We can’t wait to see what do y’all think about the new colours we added to the ’77 rock n’ roll palette.”