“Eternal Rotting Misery” is the first single from Wolvhammer’s four album The Monuments Of Ash & Bone. The album was recorded and mixed by Jarrett Pritchard (Goatwhore, Exhumed) at his own New Constellation Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Wolvhammer’s Jeff Wilson commented, “In this band, we try not to plan every little detail. Keeping things fairly spontaneous in the writing and recording process is way more artistic to me than rehearsing every single part for six months before going into the studio. That being said, we knew we wanted to work with Jarrett, we wanted a faster paced record, every vocal line to be as memorable as possible and to sound more like we do as a live band. I think the album opener is a pretty good outcome of those initial ideas and sums up what this band is all about. No bullshit, no shaking hands, no kissing babies, no politics. Real life, real emotion, real amps, and a real middle finger to what we feel the modern state of metal has become.”