Tamás Kátai’s progressive studio project, Thy Catafalque, have announced the release of their forthcoming new album, Geometria. The album has been announced for a May 4th release and will again be a record based on rock n’ roll, infused with traditional folk influences and experimental music.

The band is now streaming a new track to offer a preview of Geometria. Check out “Szamojéd Freskó” below.

Regarding the album Tamás Kátai commented, “Thy Catafalque started its course 20 years ago. This is the eighth album and the fourth on Season of Mist. Bands rarely create their magnum opus after so many years and I do not claim that either. Geometria however is playful, adventurous, dreamy, and free – probably the closest to Róka Hasa Rádió in this sense. Less metal, more violins, electronica, occasional saxophone, trumpet, and fretless bass that are completed with the vocals of Martina Veronika Horváth (Nulah, Niburta) and Gyula Vasvári (Perihelion) besides myself. I enjoyed the recordings immensely: full of excitement and pure adventure. This song, ‘Szamojéd Freskó’, which translates as ‘Samoyedic Fresco’ sits more on the obscure side of the spectrum. It’s basically a mythical narrative of physical decomposition.”