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On February 23rd Stunted will drop their debut album Fault via Bristol/Cardiff-based label DRWG MUSIC, formed by publicist and Sheltered Life PR founder, Richard S Jones. Stunted is a new project from Alex Petralia, also of the Bay Area punk group NOPES, and the album is up for pre-order at Bandcamp and/or iTunes. Today, in order to further hype this rad new release, we’re lucky to be offering a free download of the new single “Crave [Lust].”

Stunted main man, Alex Petralia hit us up with his own thoughts on the “Crave [Lust]” single: “This song is about perverts. Pretty basic/straight forward concept, but it was fun to make. It felt like this should be the dancey one, if any. Plus the nastiest sex, and most of the sex that happens at live gigs, are usually at raves. It seems fitting enough. Fun fact: the snare hits during the chorus are sampled from porn.”

Fault Track Listing:

01. Displays [Pride]
02. Crave [Lust]
03. Loaded [Gluttony]
04. Green [Greed]
05. Evil Eye [Envy]
06. Wrath
07. Slug [Sloth]

Be sure to also check out the previous single here.


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