Being hugely fond of guitarist Mika Lammassaari’s other band Wolfheart, I was really excited to hear what Mors Subita had to offer for their latest album – Into the Pitch Black – where, following a brief introduction, ten tracks of aggressive modern melodic death metal await. Often MDM bands with one guitarist suffer from a lack of depth in their sound – failing to strike the right balance and neglecting to contribute to the music’s body instead of just offering a lead over the top. However, two tracks in, any concerns with this are quickly alleviated.

Fans of the genre will find plenty to love in Mors Subita’s sound. Vocalist Eemeli Bodde has an admirable range – he hits high and low screams without once sounding grating or strained – and delivers an impassioned vocal performance that never once threatens to be sterile. Likewise, throughout the length of the album the instrumental section strikes a nigh-on perfect blend of aggression and melody, and the crisp production allows everything to shine through. There is very little across Into The Pitch Black to pick fault with, and at multiple points through listening I find myself compelled to headbang along, despite being alone in a room at my desk with only my cats for company.

Whilst the entire album is strong, it is third track “Dead Sun” that I immediately reach for to replay. It strikes the sweet spot of balance between aggression and melody – contrasting venomous vocal delivery through the verses with measured and melodic lead guitar lines leading into a driving chorus. The addition of strings in this song, as well as other more industrial effects elsewhere through the album, add further texture and make Mors Subita worth checking out even for those who complain of melodeath becoming increasingly homogenous. The album would also be apt for someone dipping their ears into the genre for the first time, such is its quality.

With artists such as Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum and Lammassaari’s own Wolfheart all delivering stellar releases over the past two years, Finnish melodic death metal is in rude health, and with Into the Pitch Black Mors Subita prove that they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as these other more established bands. It is fair to say that Mors Subita do not bring an extraordinary number of new ideas to the table, but what they have achieved is execution of everything one would expect of melodic death metal to a world-class standard. Stellar songwriting and a high level of musicianship have combined to produce a superb album, and to very quickly convert this writer – among other melodeath connoisseurs – into a big fan. [1]

Into The Pitch Black Track Listing:

01. Path To The Abyss
02. As Humanity Weeps
03. Dead Sun
04. Defeat
05. Into the Pitch Black
06. Alas
07. I, God
08. Vultures
09. Fear Is Just The Beginning
10. Shadows
11. The Void

Run Time: 45 Minutes
Release Date: April 6, 2018 (Inverse Records)

Check out the first music video released from the album for “As Humanity Weeps” below.

[1] After hearing Into the Pitch Black for the first time I started looking up flights to Helsinki from my native UK for the April 20 album release show, such is the strength of its appeal.


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