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Metal Casino Hits the Jackpot with OZZY OSBOURNE Signing

Newly launched Metal Casino has recruited Ozzy Osbourne. Osbourne will join the guys at Metal Casino as brand ambassador.



Newly launched Metal Casino has recruited Ozzy Osbourne. Osbourne will join the guys at Metal Casino as brand ambassador.

Ozzy’s rise to fame

Before Ozzy, there was just John Michael Osbourne. In the late 1960’s Osbourne began exploring music. Teaming up with Tommy Iommi and Bill Ward, Black Sabbath was formed. Black Sabbath went on to become an iconic heavy metal band. Due to his influence in shaping heavy metal, Osbourne earned the nickname “Godfather of metal”. Other nicknames given to Ozzy Osbourne include “Prince of Darkness” and “The Madman”.

Ozzy Osbourne enjoyed huge success with Black Sabbath until 1978. During his time addiction began to creep into Osbourne’s life. After recovering, Ozzy made a huge solo comeback in the 1980’s. Smash hits like “Crazy Train” furthered his career. During this time Ozzy also made headlines for his wild onstage antics. To this day people still talk about when Ozzy bit the head off a live bat. From the late 80’s until the early 2000’s Ozzy continued to release studio albums.

As Ozzy’s star began to fade his wife and manager searched for new opportunities. MTV was only too happy to oblige and The Osbourne’s was created. A reality television show that gave viewers an inside look at Ozzy and his family. Overall, The Osbourne’s was a huge hit even winning a Primetime Emmy award. After three years the reality show ended in 2005. Following this Ozzy returned to his music. Since then he has been in and out of the limelight.

Why does Metal Casino want Ozzy?

Despite numerous ups and downs, Ozzy is a true heavy metal icon. Ozzy’s credentials as the “Godfather of Metal” are untouchable. His band Black Sabbath has even been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Numerous heavy metal bands like Metallica also list Osbourne as a huge influence.

When Clas Dahlén of Metal Casino, went searching for a brand ambassador Ozzy was the only choice. “Ozzy Osbourne is a legend and now he’s a partner with Metal Casino. As far as we’re concerned, this is the biggest sponsorship deal in the world and we’re still in awe that our all-time hero is on board with the project.”- Clas Dahlén of Metal Casino.

Metal Casino was founded as the world’s first and only metal-themed casino. Launched late 2017, its founders are all heavy metal fans. Metal Casino aims to be a hub for all heavy metal and casino fans. Installing Ozzy Osbourne as a brand ambassador is a sure fire way to achieve this. Online casino experts seem to agree with Metal Casino’s decision. “Metal Casino has indeed become the go-to online spot for metalheads who are in the mood for some risks.”-

As the saying goes “give the people what they want.” Metal Casino has certainly gone above and beyond in securing Ozzy.

What does this deal mean for Ozzy fans?

Metal Casino is planning to make the most of Ozzy before he jets off on tour. Ozzy fans know that he is already scheduled to embark on his Farewell Tour. Named “No More Tours 2” it will be Osbourne’s last world tour. Osbourne’s tour is scheduled to run from 2018-2020.

So far Ozzy is already featured on Metal Casino’s Ambassador’s page. That was until January 2018, when Metal Casino started filming with Ozzy. Metal Casino have filmed a series of interviews with Ozzy for social media. During these videos, Ozzy will be discussing his life and best memories. Osbourne will also be giving away signed merchandise. Given that Ozzy is a natural showman, fans are in for a real treat.

Metal Casino has so far only released a teaser video on YouTube. Fans looking for more Ozzy and Metal Casino will just have to wait.

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