Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah just played their last show of a very short run in Los Angeles at the historic Wiltern Theatre on January 29th, leading up to the 70,000 Ton of Metal cruise which is currently underway, in support of their most recent album, The Violent Sleep of Reason.

With NAMM having just wrapped up, it was a packed house full of musicians coming to watch this very technical band. As always, Meshuggah put on one hell of a show. The stage production–the lighting and sound–was on point. Every single person in the room seemed to be immensely enjoying themselves, as they should. I’d imagine there were some very sore necks the following morning from all the headbanging that went on.

Meshuggah’s Set List:

01. Clockworks
02. Born in Dissonance
03. Do Not Look Down
04. The Hurt That Finda You First
05. Rational Gaze
06. Pravus
07. Lethargica
08. Nostrum
09. Violent Sleep of Reason
10. Bleed
11. Straws Pulled at Random
12. Future Breed Machine
13. Demiurge