While most bands are still trying to fit some imaginary cookie-cutter mold of what it means to be rock n’ roll in the age of the internet, it’s refreshing to hear acts like Fu Manchu crank out albums with both middle fingers in the air. There’s nothing more empowering than hearing an artist unforgivingly dedicate themselves to their own voice and invite audiences along for the ride.

If you’re looking for the first great rock album of 2018, spark up a fat one and buckle up boys and girls, because simply put: THIS IS IT!

Clone Of The Universe comes out swinging for the fences with a keen sense of “fuck the man!” while keeping its integrity intact with solid songwriting. The album totally lives up to the promise it makes you from the greasy riffs flying straight out of the gate on the opening track “Intelligent Worship”. Lead singer Scott Hill and his crew of distortion-wielding misfits blast listeners into arguably their most doom-fueled album in decades.

The slick part is that the band doesn’t get lost in endless loops where most doom bands pumping out grooves thicker than molasses and slower than Sabbath fall prey to endless drudgery. The band’s punk rock ethos saves them by keeping their song structures tight while keeping the vibe loose. Skull-crushing songs like “Nowhere Left To Hide” and the title track are the perfect way to get lost in a comic book or your headphones while letting your imagination wander into epic vistas in outer space, or inside your mind.

Plus, the album arguably features some of the best lead guitar work the band has EVER had, including a guest spot from Alex Lifeson of the legendary rock titans RUSH on the EPIC closer “IL Mostro Atomico”. If anything, the album serves up some searing additions to Fu Manchu’s setlists for their upcoming world tour, so prepare for some knuckle-dusters on a stage NEAR YOU SOON!

Clone Of The Universe Track Listing:

01. Intelligent Worship
02. (I’ve Been) Hexed
03. Don’t Panic
04. Slower Than Light
05. Nowhere Left to Hide
06. Clone of the Universe
07. IL Monstro Atomico (feat. Alex Lifeson of RUSH)

Run Time: 36:43
Release Date: February 9, 2018

Get a stream of the full Clone Of The Universe album here.


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