Pop punk band Crossing The Limits have offered a sampling of their debut EP Perseverance with the stream of new track “Won’t Settle.” The band is led by lead vocalist Rachael Holland, also with Tom Colmans and Dan Smith on guitar, Tim Clements on bass and Ben Brennan on drums.

Commenting on the new album, Holland said, “It’s about walking through the storm. Life gets rough, but you have to keep going. You can’t just sit there in your rut and give up, you have to persevere through setbacks to grow.” Now available for streaming here, is the quintet’s bright and infectiously catchy debut single ‘Won’t Settle’, with Holland revealing: “I wrote this track when I was dating someone who didn’t really feel as if they were making any effort at all. I’d just gotten over a really bad break up, and they were the first person I’d really liked for a while, but they were completely emotionally unavailable. I just said to myself “I cannot settle for someone who just isn’t 100% there”. We want people who listen to this song to feel empowered, you have to walk away from anything that isn’t serving your happiness.”