Barcelona-based vintage thrash metal band Crisix will release their new full-length record Against The Odds on April 6th in North America. The album was self-produced at Axtudios in Spain and mastered by Jens Bogren (Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Bloodbath, Kreator et al) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. The nine-track record commands your attention with a devastating formula of power thrash metal with a hardcore edge that proves the band is very important to today’s new generation of thrash.

Thematically, the album draws on a range of subject matter including Ridley Scott’s Aliens in “Xenomorph Blood,” novelist George R. R. Martin’s fantasy worlds in “The North Remembers,” and Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball character in “Prince Of Saiyans.”

Against The Odds Track Listing:

1. Get Out Of My Head
2. Leech Breeder
3. Technophiliac
4. Perseverance
5. Xenomorph Blood
6. Prince Of Saiyans
7. Leave Your God Behind
8. Cut The Shit
9. The North Remembers

Against The Odds:A track-by-track commentary by vocalist Juli Bazooka:

1. “Get Out Of My Head” is about the stupid pop hit songs you hear everywhere on the radio, TV, on the bus, in a bar etc. and then that melody gets stuck in your head, even if you hate it.

2. “Leech Breeder” is a song full of hate that talks about the evil ones who have the power and rule the world. They raise their children to follow their steps. They feed themselves by abusing the weak ones. Leeches raise new leeches, the leech breeders.

3. “Technophiliac” – Flirting with a death metal vibe, “Technophiliac” talks about our addiction to technology and how nowadays we need to always be “connected” like it’s a drug.

4. “Perseverance” – Probably the most “experimental” song of the album. It’s been ten years for CRISIX as a band. It’s been a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifices, but most of all faith and friendship and the best ten years of our lives. Despite all challenges, CRISIX will persevere.

5. “Xenomorph Blood” – A pure, aggressive thrash metal song and a tribute to Ridley Scott’s Alien, written from John Hurt’s character’s point of view; pure terror in first person. Is there a better horror scenario than being alone in space where no one can hear you scream?

6. “Prince Of Saiyans” is a catchy song with a killer classic vibe. Everybody knows of our love of Dragon Ball, and we wanted to write about our beloved Vegeta, the one and only true prince of all Saiyans.
7. “Leave Your God Behind” is a killer technical death thrash tune with a message against hypocrisy of evil men inside the church who use the faith of the people to manipulate them.

8. “Cut The Shit” is another “experimental” tune that talks about people who think that they’re always right about everything and never listen. In this song, we are expressing our emotions about people who refuse to respect anything and think they’re above you.

9. “The North Remembers” – We love Game Of Thrones and George R. R. Martin’s worlds inspired us to write this song, an epic end to the album.