It’s likely they got their band name from a Cheater Slicks LP, a group that’s on the other end of the attitude spectrum from where French trio, Destination Lonely, is. That’s being said because judging by the song and album titles; these guys have deep-rooted emotional issues to solve!

Don’t Talk To Me is their second release back in 2017 and it’s rounded out with two hard-charging, emotionally wrought tracks in the garage/grunge genre. Someone must have pissed these guys off recently ‘cause the music seems aimed at a particular assailant who has wronged them in the past. Garage punk beef, who knew! This EP brings an aggressive tone to their catalog, an aspect lacking on Death Of An Angel (their LP second offering on Voodoo Rhythm Records, released earlier in 2017).

Don’t Talk to Me‘s two tracks leave a lasting impression of their abilities and deserve recognition in the same genre that names like Fuzz and Meatbodies occupy. Thing is, Destination Lonely has been doing this a little longer through their own devices and with smaller European labels.

Side A’s track, “Don’t Talk to Me (In the Morning)”, is simple, straightforward lo-fi garage punk but the stand out comes from Side B’s, “The Worst Thing (Ever)”. Lyrically, it comes off as a scathing open letter singer/guitarist, Marco Fatal, is addressing to someone (there’s that particular assailant). The music itself leans toward a grunge sound, made up of clean tone verse instrumentation, with the chorus comprised of a blast of dissonant lo-fi distortion. The great equalizer is a B3 organ providing a psych-rock aesthetic.

A short but sweet single, now you know about them but still need to hear them.

Don’t Talk To Me Track Listing:

Side A – Don’t Talk to Me (In the Morning)
Side B – The Worst Thing (Ever)

Run Time: 7:48
Release Date: June 13, 2017

Hear the track “The Worst Thing (Ever)” here!