Recently signing to Vancouver’s Test Your Metal Records, Xael have released their new track “Srai” as well as announcing their debut live performance as local support for Septic Flesh and Dark Funeral. The show will be taking place in Spartanburg, South Carolina on March 13th.

Xael vocalist, guitarist and studio drummer Nassaru commented, “We are very excited for the opportunity to open for Septicflesh and especially for our debut show, which will be at Ground Zero (venue) in Spartanburg, SC. Our appearance here will mark the beginning of our live endeavors as we take our show on the road. Having the opportunity to open for music acts that we respect and as fans ourselves is the best way for us to kick off our journey!”

“Srai” is the band’s latest single leading up to the release of Xael’s sci-fi adventure record Last Arbiter set for release later this year.