The Garden has returned with their new album for Mirror Might Steal Your Charm, due out March 30th on Epitaph. The duo’s third album is more guitar focused and another sublime slice of post-modern pop. Wyatt and Fletcher Shears have been conceptualizing their own style of music since well before the formation of The Garden in 2011. The duo represent the youthful punk scene of today that’s happening in California with their DIY principles and unique fashion style.

Mirror Might Steal Your Charm was self-produced and recorded in one short burst of creativity. As the band describes, “I think it’s healthy as an artist to switch up your environment once in a while. The production is tight as a whistle, but also more raw” said Wyatt. “The process made for a more focused and personal sounding record, with a healthy dose of guitar throughout. Things are a little more refined. If we aren’t implementing past experience into new situations then we aren’t learning. Progress is very appealing to us,” adds Fletcher.

If you want to get a listen of what you can expect from Mirror Might Steal Your Charm, check out the video for “No Destination” below.