With only a few weeks until Sound Control closes its doors, this gig felt particularly poignant, especially seeing how full and popular the venue was. This poignancy was to be met by one of the most unusual and memorable performances I have seen.

Nothing More’s stage set-up was elaborate, featuring a huge drum mount made of engine parts, with an arm used to spin Daniel Oliver’s bass and drums doubling as a podium for Jonny Hawkins. The set list predominantly switched between the biggest hits from self-titled Nothing More album and The Stories We Tell Ourselves. “Let ‘em Burn”, “Go To War”, “Jenny” and “This Is The Time (Ballast)” were notable tracks, whipping up the crowd to fever pitch, so that barely 20 minutes into the gig, sweat was dripping from the ceiling.

The highlights of the show, or perhaps even the stand-out moments of the year, were the two solos (bass and drum). Five tracks in to the set list, Oliver mounted his bass on the metal arm and began fret tapping before being joined by Mark Vollelunga and Jonny Hawkins for a 3-person bass solo which included the mounted bass swinging in a giant arc across the stage. Later in the gig came an extended drum solo, started by Ben Anderson, in which the other band mates grabbed drums from yet more metal ornaments and began a choreographed performance, overlapping and intertwining with Hawkins.

Overall, watching how the four-piece interacted left me in awe of what a professional outfit Nothing More is, and as such their multiple Grammy award nominations are wholly deserved.