Joe Cardamone, best known for his work as the frontman of The Icarus Line, has released a second track from a series known as “Holy War Collection”.

Now, where to start? Well, firstly give this a listen at least a few times before you pass judgement because this track follows few conventions when it comes to the structure of a song. There is no discernible chorus, there is no recognisable pattern to the tune, and Cardamone uses more spoken word then singing. The tune consists of industrial beats with glitch synths whilst Cardamone spits out his lyrics with an angry and committed belief in the statements made.

Cardamone has never made music for the faint hearted and “New Cross: is building up “The Holy War Collection: to maintain this reputation.

Run Time: 4:22
Release Date: December 2017

Check out a stream of the “New Cross” single here.