Lithuanian hardcore quartet Erdve have dropped another new track off their new album, Vaitojimas, a negative metallic hardcore track called “Atraja.” Vaitojimas is a dark metallic noisecore type record, reminiscent of the late 1990s. It contains dense slabs of noise-laden riffs which may incite feelings of unease while the hostile vocals punctuate it all.

Regarding the new track, the band said, “Atraja’ is the final piece of the album and translates directly as ‘rumination’. This term denotes the process, in which mammals are able to regurgitate their food and chew it all over again. This song is referring to this concept as part of how suffering or inhumane events are perceived or understood in the flow of superficial information junkyard that the world has become today.”

Vaitojimas Track Listing:

1. Vaitojimas
2. Išnara
3. Prievarta
4. Apverktis
5. Pilnatvė
6. Atraja