Chilean black metal totems, Communion have been around in one form or another for a decade and via hard work, perseverance and adherence to DIY principles, have made a name for itself both on record and in the live arena both at home and abroad.

Originally self-released in mid-2017 for the digital realm, At The Announcement and The Communion are examples of how this band’s determination and moxie has paid off. From releases originally designed for the faceless world of binary codes – and yes, I recognize the irony of mentioning this on a digital press outlet – Communion has attracted a heavy-hitting label for the purposes of physical release and to assist them in the goal of pinning ears to walls with their blackened thrash that recalls Impiety, Sarcofago, as well as early Sodom, Slayer and Bathory and any band with “Warlust” in their name.

There might be an redundancy issue with the fact that The Communion appears to be mostly a re-recorded version of the band’s debut EP, Communion with a couple of half-assed separating songs and a tune called “Bloody Butcher” tacked on the end. Granted, rehashing one’s past is nothing new and a way of exposing a previously limited release to a broader audience, but where a point of contention exists is how the deep underground metal scene, which I love, grew up with and continue to be a willing participant in despite my advancing age and increasing creaking bones, gives a pass to a band for recycling their material but will chastise mainstream bands for doing something similar.

It’s not ‘troo’ and ‘kvlt’ to give blazing blackened tracks like “Crush the Atheism” and “Embrace Cruelty’s Flame” a second airing while accusing Metallica of selling out for offering up expanded versions of their early works. By the way, we can hear a bit of bastardized strains of Kill ‘Em All in At The Announcement tracks like “Consecrated to the Abyss” and “Plague Outbreaks” which goes to show that keeping it real is a tough business. And whether the black metal hordes will admit it or not, the old school influence provides Communion’s acerbic base with more of a listenable edge in direct opposition to the all-out sensory slashing assault they’ll tell you they’re all about.

At The Announcement Track Listing:

01. Impalement to Destroy
02. Secret Rites
03. At the Announcement
04. Enthroned Inquisition
05. Consecrated to the Abyss
06. Castigation Ceremonious Verses
07. Plague Outbreaks
08. Last Ordeal

Listen to the track “Secret Rites” here.

Run Time: 27:49
Release Date: January 26, 2018

The Communion Track Listing:

01. Glorify the Dark
02. Crush the Atheism
03. Embrace Cruelty’s Flame
04. Witching Thrust
05. Fire Worship
06. Funeral of Mercy
07. Bloody Butcher

Run Time: 32:47
Release Date: January 26, 2018

Jam the tune “Witching Thrust” now!