Metal/hardcore band Broken Cross has released the title track to their sophomore album, Militant Misanthrope. The song was recorded at Studio Underjord in Norrköping, Sweden (Vanhelgd, Year Of The Goat, Griftegård).

Broken Cross founder Niklas Holm commented, “When I released the first Broken Cross album, Through Light To Night, in 2015, I was really into photomontage art and artist John Heartfield in particular. After years of admiring his art on Discharge and G.I.S.M. album covers, I decided to name the album after one of John’s pieces. I thought it was a clever take on history, art, and the state of the modern world. Of course, no one got the reference. This time I wanted a simple title that says it all. Militant Misanthrope is a pretty straightforward punk rock song, with ’80s hard rock/heavy metal influences, and some howling wolf sounds thrown in for good measure. It’s also the title of the new album. Hopefully it will appeal to the freaks and outcasts of the world. If not, at least the message should be clear.”