Everything happens for a reason. In this story, committing a crime is the only way to support a a family.

“10 Toes Down” is a tour through the life of a man right out of prison. His only option is to sell drugs to make money for his family. His past prevents him from getting a real job. He is trying to change and become a better person.

Blaze says, “He’s been to a few interviews but a lot of them turn him down (didn’t feel so proud)/ Is why he turned to the streets cuz the streets always held him down.”

Blaze touches on people who are less fortunate. It is an excellent message for others to understand why criminals do what they do. With these lyrics comes a soothing piano synth supported by a snare drum layered over top. This relaxing melody makes this tune an easy listen.

Run Time: 3:20
Release Date: November 4, 2017

Yessir, you can stream the “10 Toes Down” single right here.