Canadian rockers Big Wreck were in town on Friday night along with Attica Riots at Rebel. The three-piece Winnipeg pop/rock band, Attica Riots, started the evening off and did one hell of a job getting everybody into that “it’s Friday night let’s party” kind of mood. Give them a listen, I think you’ll agree that they’re a really fun band.

Headlining tonight was Big Wreck, who are currently on tour and celebrating the 20th anniversary of their hit album In Loving Memory Of… released way back in 1997, and blasting from my car stereo speakers shortly thereafter. It was a great Friday night in one of my favourite venues… Rebel, with one of my favourite bands, Big Wreck and another awesome band, Attica Riots, which for me was newly discovered tonight. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them.

Touristy fact: when walking from your car to the entrance, take a look over your shoulder. You’ll be rewarded with one of the most spectacular views of Toronto.

Big Wreck’s Setlist:

01. Look What I Found
02. That Song
03. Ill Advice
04. How Would You Know
05. Under The Lighthouse
06. Prayer
07. By The Way
08. Waste
09. Blown Wide Open
10. Between You And I
11. Oh My
12. Fall Through The Cracks
13. Overemphasizing
14. The Oaf
15. Albatross
16. Digging In
17. Come Again