On Saturday night SWMRS played The Opera House in Toronto, along with The Interrupters. Both bands hailing from California, the evening of ska / punk went to another dimension of crowd surfing when The Interrupters started playing. It was just non-stop. One brave soul after another surfing their way to the front only to be plucked to safety by security. I almost couldn’t decide whether to watch the surfing or the band.

By the time that SWMRS came out I think it would’ve been impossible to squeeze another person into the venue. The party atmosphere just kept going with fans bouncing, surfing, and just having a great time in general. A job well done once again to everyone at The Opera House; and a hats off to the security staff!

SWMRS Setlist:

01. Palm Trees
02. BRB
03. Harry Dean
04. Silver Bullet
05. Miss Yer Kiss
06. Uncool
07. Miley
08. Car
09. Lose it
10. Cover
11. Turn Up
12. Figuring It Out
13. Hannah