After five years of multiple EP releases, Shanghai hardcore band Spill Your Guts announces their first full-length album Hungry Crows. Released on September 12th, the band promoted their release at the China Hardcore Festival and their various Russian tour stops.

Honoring the spirit of D.I.Y. ethic, the five Shanghai expatriates recorded the album independently. While the band stayed true to their hardcore roots, they also delve into more experimental territory and push the hardcore sound to its limits. Hungry Crows features sludgy moments on songs like “Praise the Fire”, as well as melodic chord progressions on songs like “Satan 3 (some)”. But ultimately, Hungry Crows is centered in the raw energy of hardcore music and aims to barrage the listener with nine tracks of sonic chaos.

Spill Your Guts stormed the stage in 2012 and have since performed all over China and South East Asia. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Millions of Dead Cops and The Casualties, ACxDC, and other esteemed acts. If you’re the type of rocker who craves principled hardcore punk with genre flexibility, Spill Your Guts is an essential listening experience.