Hooded Priest’s latest record is full of Tony Iommi style riffs, string bends, and tones. This is doom metal aimed squarely at the Black Sabbath crowd, but is it any good? Or just another Sabbath wannabe?

The Hour Be None is slow, dark and atmospheric – full of quality riffs to boot. The music here is really rather good. The issue is, however, that the vocals just don’t sound that great compared to the quality backing tracks provided. Luther Veldmark’s vocal delivery is unsurprisingly reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne’s, but it is to a far lower tune. Unfortunately, it holds the record back. There is a little power in his voice, and the dark lyrics are sung with conviction, but it never sounds good to my ears.

Hopefully, you will prefer the style of vocal delivery, but I do think it could have been better. It does show promise in “Call For the Hearse”, where it gets heavier and a little darker, requiring more shouting than belting out croons. Despite my differences with the vocals (which just don’t work that well in my opinion), The Hour Be None is a decent record, helped by the countless quality riffs, atmospheric moments and general doom on show.

The Hour Be None Track Listing:

01. Dolen – Exiting the Real
02. Call For the Hearse
03. These Skies Must Break
04. Herod Again
05. Locust Reaper
06. Mother of Plagues

Run Time: 46:25
Release Date: December 1, 2017

Decide for yourself! Stream the full The Hour Be None album here.