The heaviness just keeps coming to this city! Tonight Hatebreed, along with Dying Fetus and Code Orange, kicked Toronto metalheads’ asses. The sold-out performance at The Opera House shows yet again, that Metal Rules!

Code Orange hit the stage first and it was sheer pandemonium. These guys are nuts. Guitarists all over the stage, jumping off amps, and getting the fans sweating. Next up were Dying Fetus. Three amazing musicians that are able to blow your eardrums out with killer guitar riffs and bass lines, while the double bass drum kit makes your brain rattle. The mosh pit and crowd surfers are again in full swing, and getting warmed up for what is about to come…

After a brief pause to set up the stage, the lights dim and the crowd goes berserk! Amid chants of “Hatebreed” the band storms the stage and simply put… “just let her rip!” It seems as though the entire venue has turned into one giant mosh pit, from where there was no escape. Fans weren’t just watching the show, they were part of it.

Hatebreed’s Setlist:

01. Empty Promises
02. Burn The Lies
03. Before Dishonor
04. Puritan
05. Conceived Through An Act Of Violence
06. Afflicted Past
07. Prepare For War
08. Not One Truth
09. Betrayed By Life
10. Mark My Words
11. Last Breath
12. Burial For The Living
13. Worlds Apart
14. Driven By Suffering
15. Hollow Ground
16. A Call For Blood
17. I Will Be Heard
18. Smash Your Enemies
19. Healing To Suffer Again
20. Below The Bottom
21. Proven
22. Perseverance
23. You’re Never Alone
24. Live For This
25 .Honor Never Dies
26. Looking Down The Barrel Of Today
27. Destroy Everything