Are you looking for a little classic death metal to cheer you up after hours upon hours of Christmas shopping and prep? If you are, the fine folks of Eternal Torment have decided to release their latest record just in time for the festivities. There aren’t any singing angels to be heard, nor are their cozy images of chestnuts roasting on an open fire; Blind to Reality is straight-up brutal death metal, ripped kicking and screaming right out of the 1980s.

There are some good riffs here. “Our Ignorance” opens with a meaty hook that will catch you around the face before pushing you back with some blistering pace and brutality. The title track, “Blind to Reality”, also features a decent riff, but comes with a warning for the rest of the record: The vocals really aren’t that impressive. It’s all rather one-note and will never astound, dragging the decent, if unspectacular backing music down to its level time and time again.

Indeed, Blind to Reality is a competent enough death metal record, but it does nothing to stand out and drags on a little towards the end of its short run-time. It’s not bad, but there are far better death metal outfits out there. “Abhorrence Embodied” is a stronger track to be fair, and it does round out the short album quite well, picking up some steam just as the record is playing out.

Blind to Reality Track Listing:

01. Depose
02. Black Blood
03. Our Ignorance
04. Blind to Reality
05. Beyond Godlike
06. Abhorrence Embodied

Run Time: 29:02
Release Date: December 22, 2017

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