Nineteen-year old Yungblud has released his brand-new track “Tin Pan Boy,” just days after the release of the Yorkshire-born artist’s video for “I Love You, Will You Marry Me.”

Discussing the inspiration behind the new song, Yungblud said; “I spent most of my childhood on Denmark Street, Soho, London, it’s where I first picked up a guitar. At the moment there is a massive redevelopment going on which will eventually force a lot of independent businesses out of the area – I have a real connection to all the music and art stores and to see people trying to tear out its soul makes me super upset and really pissed off. Fuck that! ‘Tin Pan Alley’ is where the foundations of British rock and roll and the pop music that we know today were built. Everyone from Jagger to Lennon to the Sex Pistols used to hang out there. To sit back and watch the transformation happen without saying something is not an idea that I’m into.”